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Friday, May 28, 2010

MARS 2010

So anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, has heard me prattling about MARS for the past few months. But what is exactly is it?

MARS stands for Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography. It's a week long, super intensive, nationally accredited course that takes place in Cape May, NJ each spring. They offered 5 courses this year, I believe there will be 6 different instructors next year. I was fortunate enough to get into Tom Munoz's class. Tom has been shooting weddings since he was a teenager, and was taught by the best of the best - his father and grandfather! He is now one of the top wedding photographers in the country - check out his website and blog, you'll be blown away.

Though it was crazy busy, it was also a lot of fun! I can't believe how much I learned in just one week. At the end of the course, Tom gave a cd of images that he took (and edited) during his classes, so that we could remember what he taught us and also to compare with our own shots that we took. I have re-sized a few of them here to share.

First day out shooting on location in the quaint streets of downtown Cape May . . . .

             model: Josiah

                                                                    models: Josiah and Serena

                                                                  Tom's photo of the same pose. Gorgeous!

                                                                 Josiah poses with his real-life lady love, Katerina.

                                   Tom's photo, using the Canon 5d Mark II, and Canon's 16-35mm 2.8 wide angle lens

                                                                Tom talks about the importance of good posing

                                                                    and sets up a few scenarios for us . . . .

    Throwing Serena back into the mix. I decided to do a little cross-processing on this one with a texture overlay.

                                                Tom's image, edited more traditionally. Look at those colors!

                                                   Next we did some indoor shooting with a portable soft box.

I love how Tom used the bar as a leading line for the eye. This image he actually shot reversed, but explained it's better to flip photos like this one in photoshop to accommodate how we read - from left to right. Smart! I would have done the same thing with my photo too, but when I tried it made all the writing on the green neon sign backwards. D'oh! >:(

Second day out, shooting on location at the beach . . . . .

                                            Tom's wife, Erika, does a quick-pic holding the passport color checker.

                                                        Real-life couple Samantha and Joe take a stroll for the cameras

            Tom's photo, processed with Nik Filters (LOVE my Nik filters!) and a stone texture overlay.

                                                         Daughter of one of the students, catching some play time. ;)

Third day out, shooting on location at The Southern Mansion . . . . . 

                                                                      Serena plays the pensive bride . . . .

                   Tom demonstrates how to use architectural details to create visual interest in your photos

                                                                                        Pretty cool, huh!?

                                             And also about shooting in a variety of angles to increase visual interest . . .

                                                                                   Love that wide-angle lens effect!

            There's just something about a white picket fence that says "happily ever after" to me . . . .

Class group shots!

                       Everyone was supposed to jump for this one. I am obviously challenged in that department. lol

Last day out, shooting on location at a church in Cape May . . . .

      I loved the window so much, I went for a silhouette on this one. Tom's photo implements portable soft box light and the wide angle lens. To see his version, visit Munoz Photography blog here. (sorry! that one wasn't on our cd)

                                     Tom poses our real-life sweethearts, Danielle & Mike

                                                            Those flip-flops were killing me! lol

                                                    Last shot. :(     See you next year MARS!

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