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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More from Kasia

I had previously posted on my blog some hollywood noir style photos featuring chemist by day (& hollywood starlet by night! jk) Kasia. ;) They came out so well, she asked me to do some more, so here's round 2! Hair and make up by the talented Darya Latham.

This was just a quick make up shot, but I liked it so much I made a digitally painted portrait out of it.

This next image turned out to be my favorite out of both sets. I knew that scarf would come in handy for a photo someday! (do you like how I rationalize my over stuffed closets? lol)

Some fun in the stairway . . . . . .

And lastly, a curtain shot. I did a few of these but this one was both of our favorite. Cross processed, with a glitter overlay and radial motion blur.

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