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Monday, August 8, 2011

Holly & Greg

All this hot weather lately has put me in mind of a wedding I did last year and haven't posted yet. (big surprise, right? lol I am searching for an assistant as we speak!) Greg and Holly were married on 4rth of July weekend, and it was a good old fashioned, american, giant party of a wedding! The ceremony and reception took place in Shwenksville, Pa. on a friends property. The house site has a beautiful, sweeping vista kind of view (you will see in some of the photos!), so its no surprise to me why they chose this location.

              Serena was particularly excited when she saw the chess set.:)

                                        Personally, I was more all about the funky shark thingees sticking out of the fern. lol

A few of my favorite bridal portraits of the day! Holly gave us lots of time to play both inside and outside, and got some really great portraits as a result. Her colors were hot pink and green, so I brought her a wrap with pink and green accents to use as a prop in some of the photos. I love her pink shoes!

When it was time for the bridal party pics, we played with some thought balloons that I brought. I gave everyone a marker and told them to write what they were thinking. In retrospect, I think maybe I should have had already pre-printed some words on them that they could choose from. I told everybody to put on their best thinking face. It was alot of fun!

Holly's sister's thought balloon was broken in a strong gust of wind. (note to self - next time use stronger sticks) I felt very bad for her because in the rest of the photos she had no thoughts. :( We also had one where we gave Holly's brother's butt a thought balloon, but though funny, I didn't think would be appropriate to post. lol

Couldn't resist posting this pic - all hail the Great God of Greg! *bows low and worships* ;p (and yes - we often shoot into the sun on purpose. I'm sure our camera sensors are screaming in agony every time we do it, but the results are well worth it.)

Lots of couples portraits on the deck! I was loving that red umbrella. *I would also like to note here that I highly approve of Holly's choice of Corona. ;)

Troy caught this next shot while Serena and I were posing the bride and groom. I thought it was pretty neat. Right below it is the photo that was being taken at the time. :)

 I wanted to do some pics that were playful and whimsical, so Greg and Holly practiced their Jedi levitation skillz for me. "Feel The Force around the bouquet!" ;p

A helpful gust of wind at just the right time in this next one. Though there was a little kid running by behind them in the left of the frame that I had to edit out. But this was 'the shot' of this set, so it was definitely worth a little extra work.

                                                               A few of my favorite reception pics. :)

Oh! And check out these awesomely creative meatball and spaghetti cupcakes that Greg's dad made! (no, they were not actually made from meatballs and spaghetti, they just look like it. lol)

It was SO HOT that day I cant even tell you! You know the kind of hot day that you burn your hand on the doorknob just going into the house? It was awful! Both Holly and Greg are teachers, so there were alot of children at this party and they were getting pretty cranky in the heat. Solution? Set up the slip-n-slide! It was up to the bride and groom to take the traditional first 'Ceremonial Slide.' *grin*

Troy caught me snapping pics of Greg's brother. Love this one. :)

Luckily, Greg had another shirt and a dry jacket in the house. Holly's dress dried out just in time for sunset couple's portraits on the hill.

We also had a tree strung with lights to the side of the house, courtesy of the best man busting his hump to do it for us! Got lots of magical, romantic pics - some using my sparkle filter and some without, but this next one was my favorite of them. I always post too many pics as it is I think, so I just chose this one.

And lastly, what 4rth of July party would be complete without sparklers!? I had alot of fun shooting some of the images at a super-duper low shutter speed. (I cant even remember what I was using now, I think it was like 1/15 of a second at 2.8) Not only to see the effects of playing with the sparklers, but because it makes the people look ghostly and I thought that was really neat.

I would like to end this blog by sending out my congrats to Holly and Greg, who are now expecting their first child (baby girl!) in a few months. I feel so lucky and blessed to have produced the images that this little girl will have to pass on to her children someday. I love my job. :_)

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