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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Steve and Amy Wedding Photos

I have been promising myself that I will update my pages and keep up with my new blog! It's a new years resolution! And here it is only March and already I am falling behind. So in the spirit of less chat, more splat (yes, we are Simpsons fans in my house, lol) here are some favorites from a wedding I shot back in the fall. This is Amy and Steve, whom I absolutely adored. Very relaxed and fun loving people, it was a great time shooting their wedding.

Snaps also go out to Serena Star, who is always my favorite second shooter to work with. That girl is one helluva fabulous shot! If we were gunfighters in the old west, we'd be in Mexico living the high life by now. ;) lol

If you'd like to see more of these photos, I have the full set of all my favorites posted on my Myspace and also a smaller album on Facebook.

One of the few times you will actually see a picture of me, as in this next shot below. Not that Serena doesn't shoot them sometimes while I'm running around - but of course I am always way too self conscious (or is it self critical? *grin*) to actually keep those photos. However, in the image below my face is completely covered by my trusty Canon, which suits me just fine. Why take the time to wear make up- ladies? All you need is a camera! ;p

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  1. i fell in love with many of your pics! i will definitely put you on my first list...


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