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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The things we find on old hard drives

This year I was a victim this year of The Great Computer Fiasco of 2009. My old computer, whom I affectionately dubbed 'Rosie' after Rosie the Riveter, finally creaked to a halt. She was a good old girl and she chugged along for me for years. I am forever grateful to my old friend.

So in a state of rising trepidation, I went computer shopping. (all the while frantically triple checking that I had backed every single item up to my external hard-drive and to dvd - and there were STILL a few things that got away!) My new computer, whom I have christened 'Daisy' has been the new love of my life. I still can't stand Vista, but I'm learning to live with it.

I was going through my old hard drive again today, trying to find a few things that seem to have poofed, when I ran across this image. It was taken back in 2005 with my old D70 and kit lens. Now that I look back I think how much better this image could have been if only I knew then what I know now - and had the better equipment that I have now! If I was shooting this today, I would have made sure her eyes were much better lit, that's for sure. Ah well. Better set next time. lol

The model is Marilyne and hair and make up was done by me.


  1. This one looks cool! Where was this?

  2. It was taken at Washington's Crossing, in Bucks County. There's an old gazebo down by the river.

  3. Isnt it funny what we find when we look at our old work..I tend to do the same thing.I see stuff from 04 and am like holy crap at the issues with that we learn and grow and our old stuff become nestalgic because of where we came from...Ive been following your work since 05 I think..and yes its been so cool to watch ya grow....hugs dll


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