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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mike and Cindy Sneak Peek

Mike and Cindy were married September 25 2009 at the Joseph Ambler Inn. It's a great place, set on 12 acres in Horsham, Pa. The JA Inn is over 100 years old, and full of that country charm that I always love. There are even a few kitties who live on the premises that wander the grounds and add their feline blessings to everything that occurs there. :)

As always, snaps go out to my extremely talented second shooter, Serena Star. And check out the snazzy new Wandering Bohemian watermark! Courtesy of MaryBeth at Colorcast Graphics, who does all my graphics work for me and I just can't recommend her enough. You would think that someone with a fine arts background, who also does photography, would be pretty good at anything requiring graphics work. But no - I am just awful at it. lol Marybeth took my love of all things woodland and Faerie and came up with this great new watermark for me. Yay! I love it! :D

A little old-school Hollwood-esque

And a sneak peak of Cindy and Mike dancing the night away at their candlelight reception.

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