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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maggie & Rob

I still have many more weddings to post! So I'm going to try and keep it lighter on the commentary side in the next few blogs. ;)

Following are some of my favorites of the day from the wedding of Maggie Lakis and Rob McClure, both cast members in the Tony award winning musical Avenue Q. Maggie and Rob were married at the Merion Tribute House, which was built to honor the 81 men from Merion, Pa. who were killed during World War I. The house and the grounds are just gorgeous! The perfect backdrop to Maggie and Rob's outdoor ceremony.

I always say when photographing models that it's the ones who are also actors that I love shooting the best. Theater people understand how to move their faces and bodies for the camera, and they are never afraid to ham it up for a fun shot!

                                                  Another future actor? ;) lol

I did some cross processing for these next shots. I love the light and airy, summer-like feeling of the tones in this effect. The first 2 have a blue cross processed overlay, the image of the 2 groomsmen sporting those cool shades I used a cream overlay.

                                                                      Some time for family . . . .

                                                              and for friends! . . . . .

                                                         and, of course, time for canoodling . . . . .

                         More cross processing with a gold overlay to bring out the warm tones.

                            Every time I look at this next one it makes me think of Errol Flynn.

                                                         uh . . .  and Richard Nixon. ;p

                                                                   On to the reception!

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