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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holly & Greg Engagement Session

It's been a super busy month! First there was MARS, which was utterly amazing. (I'll be posting pics!) Then I was away visiting my family in North Carolina for a week. (great trip and a much needed break!) In between all the goings-ons, I shot a wedding and 2 engagement sessions. Here's one of them!

This is Holly & Greg, who will be married this July 3rd on Holly's family property in Shwenksville, Pa. :) Holly's make up done by Aleksandra.

                                              Starting out with some artsy black and white close ups . . . . . 

                  Fun with parasols! (when do I not have a parasol in my trunk? I am the prop queen! lol)

                                         Some romantic canoodling in the arms of mother nature . . . . .

Though the sun kept going in and out and not exactly co-operating with photo time, this next one still turned out to be my favorite. It's a moment I happened to catch between the 2 of them, not a shot I set up in any way.

       It's all about the bling! ;) Love the tiffany setting of Holly's ring - it's simple, elegant and classic.

                                                       Taking a break provides a cute photo opp.

And, of course, buttercups! I couldn't resist taking advantage of a big field of them! Buttercups, though technically a weed, are still my favorite flower. They only show up once a year, in the month of May. They are such happy looking little yellow flowers, it always makes me smile when I see them. The flower symbolism associated with buttercups is getting in touch with your inner child, innocence and happy memories.

                                              Some sexy buttercup frolicking . . .  ;)

And lastly, some fun I had reproducing the look of old photos from the 1970's. My mom has a big box of them from when I was growing up, and I really liked the look of the toning and the way the colors faded. I had a good time trying to copy the look and feel, I think it came out well.

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