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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ashley and Michael's Engagement Session

Finally in my new home, trying to work while still surrounded by bins and boxes. I have found lately that the only time I can squeeze in for blogging and paperwork is late at night, after the family has gone to bed. But the new school year is upon us, and I am trying to unpack a little everyday, so I have high hopes that things will settle down a bit before the fall wedding season really gets into swing for me in October/November. :)

And speaking of the fall wedding season  . . .  ! I thought I would share with you all some of the photos that Serena and I took of Michael and Ashley, who will be married on October 30th of this year at the Brantwyn Estate in Wilmington, Delaware.

Ashley and Michael wanted to shoot their engagement pictures on the grounds where they will be married, so we spent the afternoon at Brantwyn. They did such an amazing job and we had so much fun taking photos all over the grounds, it was hard to choose which images to edit and post!

I am quite happy with how this next one turned out. The gardens at the estate are so inspiring for photography! Everywhere we looked there seemed to be magic waiting to happen. This image I cross processed, then added warm tones. I had a cool version as well, but after sleeping on it decided I liked this one much better. I added a radial motion blur, a glitter overlay, and a subtle border to give it a touch of whimsy. :)

After doing all of these formal and sexy poses, it was time for Ashley and Michael to get changed into their casual clothes and have some play time!

                                                  Let's play a game! Can you find the hidden heart in this next image? ;)

                                                                  The day ended as all good fairy tales do . . .  with a kiss.

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