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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laura & Jared

Leaves are starting to tinge with color, kids are back to school, and Halloween paraphernalia has already hit the shelves at CVS. It still doesn't feel like summer should be over though! Lord knows I am sick of being hot all the time, but I still feel as if this summer just flew by when I wasn't looking. :/

The weather today puts me in mind of a wedding I shot last summer in Pottstown, Pa. It was July, and super hot that month. But Laura's wedding dawned at a comfortable temperature and with overcast skies. I remember thinking, "Boy! She really lucked out with today's weather!" The only draw-back was that they had to move the ceremony inside in case it rained.

Laura & Jared were married at the Old Mill House in Perkiomen Valley Park. (everytime I see 'Perkiomen' my brain always automatically reads it as 'Pokemon'. lol) Their wedding was all about bright summer colors - especially oranges and hot pinks.  Laura's favorite flower, Gerbera Daisies, were in abundant attendance! :)

We had intended to do a few sexy pics before Laura got dressed. However, because they had to move the ceremony inside last minute, there were oodles of people milling around the house that we had  not expected to be there. The room where the bride gets ready has these really big windows. While they are wonderful for soft light, not-so-wonderful for privacy.  BUT! Because Serena and I often shoot models in difficult situations, we knew just what to do. :)

I busted out a length of tulle that I had brought, and we made a wrap with it, while Laura kept a tube top and shorts underneath for modesty. So it has the LOOK that she's not wearing a top underneath, but was still ok for nosey relatives peeking in the windows, lol.

This next one turned into a classical-style portrait when I was editing it. Not sure where that came from. I think it looks like a painting you would expect to see hanging over someone's fireplace in a big victorian house. (" . . .  and THIS is a wedding day portrait  of my great-great-great grandmother, Laura. Wasn't she a dish?")

  Sometimes I start a piece thinking I'm going to do it one way - and then it kinda takes over on its own while I'm photoshopping and it turns out to be something completely different than I thought. Having spoken to other artists, it seems that is a common occurrence. I suppose that's what they mean when they say 'being inspired by Lady Muse'. ;)

I got so many great couples portraits that day (we had lots of time!) that I'll keep the getting ready and ceremony pics super sweet and short, and just post a few of my absolute fav's.

LOVE this ceremony pic. Unfortunately the officiant was also standing right there in the middle of them. He was talking at the time and making a really goofy face in the pic. No problem! I waved my photoshop magic wand and WHOOSH! *insert sparkles and magical Disney sound effects here* Beautiful!

Portraits, portraits, portraits. :)

Ok! Before I show you these next pics, you have to hear the story behind it. Laura and her dad were really close, but sadly he passed away when she was young. The one thing that's around that she feels has a little piece of her father's spirit is his car. He refurbished it himself, and now it belongs to her uncle. As a matter of fact - Laura & Jared went to their senior prom together in this car! (She showed me the pics, they were totally adorable. <3 ) They wanted to use the car as their wedding day ride, so that in a way, it would be like having her dad there with her. Plus it was also symbolic of Laura & Jared's relationship coming full circle, since it was also their prom car. However, with the rain seeming like it was going to pour down any minute that morning, she was really worried her uncle might not be able to bring it. But not long after my crew and I arrived to start shooting, there he was with the car and bad weather be-damned! She was SO happy, her whole face just lit up. :_)

I chose this next wide angle shot to edit because Serena said it looks like the car is smiling. lol I dont know - I kinda think it looks like the car is smiling in all of them! ;)

Look at the reflection in the windshield glass just above the rear view mirror on the top left hand side. See it? It says "Eat, Pray, Love." (backwards of course, lol) Didn't plan on that, but I thought it was neat. I was too busy contorting myself to get the shot without me in it. It was so funny - when Jared got in he said, "Boy, this car sure does seem like it got a lot smaller since high school! I'm having trouble fitting! lol"

On to the reception pics . . .

 The reception was held at the Pottstown Elks Lodge.  Laura chose the venue due to its historic nature and the AMAZING castle-tower-looking turret. The Lodge employee's were kind enough to let them run up to the tower for a few shots . . . . 

And lastly, a few of my favorite end of the evening pics from the reception. Can you tell I have fallen in love with film grain recently? lol (thank you Jeff Ascough!)


  1. Simply Beautiful...What a lovely couple and most breath-taking pictures. Lots of thought, love and sentiment shows in every photo. Congrats to the couple and, Ivy...WOW!

  2. Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS! Your photographic style is the perfect combination of pin-up chic and dreamy romantic, which have always been my ideals when it comes to modeling and fashion. I hope we can collaborate sometime! =)


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