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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Caitlin & Jason

Omg - Ivy is actually posting a NEW blog! I have been terribly behind on blogging, as usual. Though I have been updating my Facebook regularly, so its always good to check there. I have some new handy-dandy templates for posting blog pics, as well as a nifty new assistant, Ashley, to help me. :D So hopefully I can get some stuff accomplished over the winter months besides just editing.

Now that the last colorful leaf has fallen, and winter's breath is closing in, I find myself reminiscing about my favorite fall weddings I have shot. Let me share one of them:

Caitlin & Jason were married by Beth Palubinsky on October 10, 2010 at the Kimberton Waldorf School, where Caitlin works as the associate director of development. I absolutely loved all the significant little touches that were so much a part of their ceremony. I included this ring shot because I like how you can see the reflection of the tree they got married under in the rings.

See all the little holes in the tree? They were all made by woodpeckers! The old tree over the ceremony site was just covered with woodpecker holes! Super neat. :)

The couple wanted to do a first look before the wedding, which of course I am all about! Its so much more romantic and intimate to see each other for the first time that way - instead of in front of throngs of people. Though, of course, you have to be ok with seeing each other before the ceremony.

It wouldn't be a proper wedding without cowboy boots! :)~

                                                                                     or bridal portraits . . .

Distressed walls are also fun backgrounds! Every time I look at the below images I remember Serena saying, "Glow, baby, glow . . ." when we were shooting them. And Caitlin really DID glow.

Caitlin's father, Freddy Rodríguez, is a wonderful abstract painter. All the colorful details that made up the ceremony were thanks to him. :D

            Fun with wagons . . . . 

Jason was pretty good with that thing! I sense a past skateboarder . . . or maybe snowboarder? lol

The reception was held at Becca's Restaurant, in Phoenixville. Everyone there was wonderful, the food was out of this world, and I had THEE BEST risotto I have had since Italy - bar none!

And lastly, low light couples portraits at the end of the evening. I have been doing this at almost every wedding now, I know I mentioned it before. It gives the couple a nice variety of bright and sunny day portraits, as well as  moody and romantic low light portraits. Gives me a variety when editing too! As an artist, I have to keep working on new and different images or I get stagnant. I really do love doing the low light stuff especially - its so Hollywood Noir.

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  1. So beautiful! Not much to say..:) just beautiful! Love, Lois


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