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Monday, July 16, 2012

Moving Day. Again!

Those of you who follow me on my personal Facebook Page know that I recently moved. Yes, again. *sighs* Through no plan of my own, it seems I am always moving! When I was younger, there was nothing I enjoyed more than the adventure of changing my surroundings and living someplace new. Now, having moved 3 times in the past 4 years, I've had about enough of it. And for some reason that only the Great God of the Move understands, it keeps happening to me during a heat wave in July. The official temperature for the day that I moved this time? 104 degrees. (it's funny in that, 'I would rather eat a live bug than haul lots of boxes today' kind of way)

On the bright side, I have combed through every single possession I own over the past few years, and gotten rid of oodles of things. So many useless items we lug from one home to another! Things we promise ourselves we will use 'when we finally have the extra time', or wear 'when we lose that 10 pounds we've been meaning to take off'. I cant tell you how many trips to the Salvation Army I have made over my last 3 moves. I got rid of ALOT of books now that I have my Kindle! That was a big help too. At one time I was literally lugging 32 boxes of books from home to home. (all boxes numbered and packed in plastic. Yes, I freely admit it. I'm a book-loving geek and proud!) :P

On the not-so-bright side, I discovered that 2 very precious (and expensive) items of mine became broken from my last move. :( I had them swathed in cocoons of bubble wrap, and then wrapped in blankets, but apparently it wasn't enough. I know its only 'stuff', but there are some things that are just irreplaceable.

So here I sit, surrounded yet again by my life packed up in boxes. I love my new place (I'm going to have to post pics!), but it represents a big change for me in many ways, both personally and professionally. I wanted this transition - have wanted it for awhile now, really. But of course, drastic life changes are always frightening. This one has been no exception. I have done it tentatively, fearfully, half assedly backing down the rabbit hole with one eye to the sun. Hoping that if all goes wrong, I can somehow find an escape hatch that will magically return my life to the way it was before. Ahhh, the comfort of the familiar - even if you know its really not the best thing for you.

I have found that the best way to get through a move and/or major life transition is to try and keep myself laughing. (Pets and laser pointers are great for this, btw) I made it a point to take a few minutes each day to find amusing videos and photos about moving to help keep me looking at the bright side. It really does help tremendously! Its hard to be anxious, or frightened, or even aggravated when you're laughing all day. I learned that during my cancer! :)

I posted an album on Facebook of all the funny pics that I found while surfing the net, but I thought I would share a few of my favorites here as well. For all you tortured souls out there lugging boxes in the heat and wishing for back rubs and pizza, these are for you :

Had to include this great clip from Family Guy, Blue Harvest! I crack up every time I watch this.

Another moving video that gave me a good laugh: (especially with how much I love Tetris)

A few favorite moving day cartoons and pics to keep the chuckles coming! ;)

       I am totally making a castle fort after all my boxes are unpacked!


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